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2013-02-21 - LOI with UK knowledge excellence 2cretEffects

posted 21 Feb 2013, 06:06 by Lennart Engvall   [ updated 21 Feb 2013, 06:06 ]
Engvall Security are proud to announce that we have signed a letter of intent with the UK based company 2creatEffects. The 2creatEffects team brings together a unique combination of experience from the field of security and intelligence with deep academic perspectives to provide a wide range of training and advisory services specialising in creative thinking, problem-solving, and decision making under pressure. The company has operations spanning most of Europe with staff in London, Madrid, Reykjavik and Stockholm. The two companies will provide each other with complementary skills in order to cover a broader area of interest and to rise the ability to take on bigger assignments. Two pilot projects are planned and will be executed before summer.
“It has been an absolute pleasure for the 2creatEffects team to build what is already a meaningful partnership with Engvall Security over the last 18 months. The combination of skills, experience and a proven ability to deliver innovative solutions, coupled with the trust and respect both companies share for one another designs a powerful and exciting future ahead of us."
Chris Jagger
CEO 2creatEffects